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At the University of Regina, I’ll be teaching courses on British Romanticism, Literary History and Academic Writing.

At the University of Central Florida, I taught British literature of the Restoration, the Long-Eighteenth Century, and the Romantic eras, as well as the “Lit Theory Survey” for English Majors and a graduate seminar on the history of prosody and poetic sound.

At UCF I directed and supported three award-winning Honours in the Major (HIM) Theses, from UCF’s talented and hard-working students.

At the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, I taught undergraduate classes on the topics of British Romanticism; Affect and the History of Feeling; Happiness; and “Life After Death” (a multi-disciplinary exploration of posthumousness and legacy). To see a sample syllabus and student work, you can access an archived version of 2014’s WRDS 150 – “The Happiness Class.” You might also be interested in four complete essays from a 2015/16 “Forceful Feelings” themed version of the WRDS 150 course. The students and I worked together on these to revise and polish them for online publication.

In 2014, I was recognized by UBC’s Dean of the Faculty of Arts for being in the top 10% of faculty according to student evaluations.

In 2016, I began teaching in the Co-ordinated Arts Program at UBC. My “Individual and Society” stream course was a literature survey (1740 to the present) on the theme of “Getting Unstuck.”

In 2017, I taught “Romantic Worldliness,” an upper-division course in UBC’s English Department on global exchanges in the long-Romantic imagination.

In 2018, I received support from the Centre for Distributed Learning at UCF in order to develop an online course,”Wild Romanticism: North America in the British Romantic Imagination, 1757 – 1818.”

In 2019, “Wild Romanticism” was a finalist for the NASSR Pedagogy Prize, which resulted in a short article: “Into the Wilds of America: Teaching British Romanticism’s Transatlantic Imagination.” 

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